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Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory
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Le Morte D'Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory

Contents - Le Morte D'Arthur

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Caxton's Preface                                                                                                                 Illustrations

The First Book shall treat how Uther Pendragon gat the noble conqueror King Arthur, and containeth xxviii chapters.

The Second Book treateth of Balin the noble knight, and containeth xix chapters.

The Third Book treateth of the marriage of King Arthur to Queen Guenever, with other matters, and containeth xv chapters.

The Fourth Book how Merlin was assotted, and of war made to King Arthur, and containeth xxix chapters.

The Fifth Book treateth of the conquest of Lucius the emperor, and containeth xii chapters.

The Sixth Book treateth of Sir Launcelot and Sir Lionel, and marvellous adventures, and containeth xviii chapters.

The Seventh Book treateth of a noble knight called Sir Gareth, and named by Sir Kay Beaumains, and containeth xxxvi chapters.

The Eighth Book treateth of the birth of Sir Tristram the noble knight, and of his acts, and containeth xli chapters.

The Ninth Book treateth of a knight named by Sir Kay Le Cote Male Taille, and also of Sir Tristram, and containeth xliv chapters.

The Tenth Book treateth of Sir Tristram, and other marvellous adventures, and containeth lxxxviii chapters.

The Eleventh Book treateth of Sir Launcelot and Sir Galahad, and containeth xiv chapters.

The Twelfth Book treateth of Sir Launcelot and his madness, and containeth xiv chapters.

The Thirteenth Book treateth how Galahad came first to King Arthur's court, and the quest how the Sangreal was begun, and containeth xx chapters.

The Fourteenth Book treateth of the quest of the Sangreal, and containeth x chapters.

The Fifteenth Book treateth of Sir Launcelot, and containeth vi chapters.

The Sixteenth Book treateth of Sir Bors and Sir Lionel his brother, and containeth xvii chapters.

The Seventeenth Book treateth of the Sangreal, and containeth xxiii chapters.

The Eighteenth Book treateth of Sir Launcelot and the queen, and containeth xxv chapters.

The Nineteenth Book treateth of Queen Guenever and Launcelot, and containeth xiii chapters.

The Twentieth Book  treateth of the piteous death of Arthur, and containeth xxii chapters.

The Twenty-first Book  treateth of his last departing, and how Sir Launcelot came to revenge his death, and containeth xiii chapters.



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