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Military Illustration Gallery

The images in this Military Illustration gallery include both airbrush art work and computer generated digital images, all by Les Still
Flak 38t
Russian T28 Tank
Daimler Dingo
Lancia 1ZM Armoured car
Carro Veloce CV 33 Tankette / L3/33
Schneider 10.5cm Field Gub M1917
Weapons of the Spanish Civil War
Panzer V Auf G

Bedford QLC Portee with 6 pound anti-tank gun.
Rolls Royce Mk1 Armoured Car 1941
Paratroops - Remembrance
Scottish Uniforms
WWI British Uniforms
Trooper, Prussian 4th Uhlan Regiment
Gunner, Prussian Foot Artillery
Soldier, Prussian Line Infantry
3rd Regiment Prussian Foot Guards
Roman Helmet #2
Roman Helmet #3
Roman Helmet #4
Roman Helmet #1
Roman Shields
Roman Sword (Gladius)
Roman Catapult (Ballista)
Roman Helmet #5
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