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Triumph T120 Bonneville (1960)

Triumph T120 Bonneville 1960 (649cc) airbrush illustration © Les Still
Triumph T120 Bonneville 1960 (649cc) airbrush illustration © Les Still
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Specification - Triumph T120 Bonneville (1960)

Engine - Triumph 649cc. overhead valve, twin cylinder. 71mm x 82mm. Light Alloy cylinder head, Compression 8.5 to 1. Dry sump lubrication.

Carburettors - Two Amal monoblocs.

Electrical - Lucas RM19 Alternator, 6 volt 12 amp hour battery. Coil ignition with auto advance. 7in.headlamp with 30/24 watt main bulb.

Transmission - Triumph four-speed gearbox in unit with engine. Ratios 11.81 to 1, 8.17 to 1, 5.76 to 1, 4.84 to 1. Primary drive - duplex chain. Wet clutch.

Capacities - 4 Gallons petrol, 5 pints oil Tyres Front 3.25 x 18in. rear 3.50 x 18. Brakes - Front 8in drum, rear 7in. drum.

Dimensions - Wheelbase 55in. ground clearance 5in. seat height 31in.

Makers - Triumph Engineering Co. Ltd., Allesley, Coventry.



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