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Alfa Romeo

alfa romeo spider; digital illustration by les still
Alfa Romeo Spider; rendered in 3dsmax © Les Still
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Alfa Romeo

Alfa Romeo is an Italian automobile manufacturer founded in 1910. Alfa Romeo has been a part of the Fiat Group since 1986.

In the 1960s Alfa Romeo became famous for its small cars and models specifically designed for the Italian police - "Panthers"

"Panther" Alfa Giulia Superand Carabinieri; among them the glorious "Giulia Super" or the 2600 Sprint GT, which acquired the expressive nickname of "Inseguimento" .

Before being bought by
Fiat, Alfa Romeo always had a daring commercial policy, constantly experimenting with new solutions and using them in its series production, even at the risk of losing market share. Alfa often used controversial and unorthodox styling too, which often challenged assumptions about styling.


Alfa Romeo is sometimes worshipped by its owners, and many models have become cultural symbols. There are many thriving Alfa Romeo owners clubs and Alfa Romeo Model Registers.

 In 1967 the famous Dustin Hoffman film "The Graduate" gave worldwide unforgettable celebrity to the "Spider" (best known by the Italian nickname of "Duetto", or as "Osso di Seppia," meaning "cuttlefish bone," or Round-tail), and its unique shape . The Spider was designed by Pininfarina; derived from several design studies dating back to the late 1950s, the Spider is believed to be the last design on which Battista Pininfarina personally worked.

Also James Bond (Roger Moore) used an Alfa Romeo GTV6 in 1983's Octopussy, where he is pursued by two Bavarian BMW police cars.


Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Red 1300 Diecast Car Model 1/18 Die Cast Car by Autoart
 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider Red 1300 Diecast Car Model 1/18 Die Cast Car by Autoart -  Alfa Romeo Diecast Car Models


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